Edwin Carewe
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Welcome to the Edwin Carewe Legacy Archive


It is our intention to promote and preserve the legacy of our Grandfather Edwin Carewe. As an actor, director, producer and writer, Edwin was one of Hollywood's most illustrious and talented trailblazers in the silent era of motion pictures. We know, as his grandchildren, that he would be most honored by this tribute to preserve his legacy for future generations and film aficionados worldwide.

We honor Edwin with the publication of this website on his 100 year anniversary in the film industry.

Some of His Films

  • 1914 - Across the Pacific - Director, Writer
  • 1920 - Rio Grande - Director, Producer
  • 1929 - Evangeline - Director, Producer
  • 1931 - Resurrection - Director, Producer

Did you Know...?

Edwin worked some of the most influential and notable people in the movie industry at the time including Ethel Barrymore, Gary Cooper, Cecil B. DeMille, John Ford, Jack and Mary Pickford, Dolores del Rio and Ilya Tolstoy.

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