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  1. Hi David,

    This is a beautiful, great site, and I can see you’ve done a tremendous amount of work to get here. I look forward to spending a good deal of time in the gallery, and visiting this site multiple times in the future to see what you have added.

    As you know, RAMONA (1928) is being restored by the Library of Congress. It had been considered a lost film until a few years ago. It should be ready for screening later this year. I’m keeping tabs on progress, and hope to be able to report more soon.

    I see you discovered the fascinating e-book on the making of “Are We Civilized?” Are you aware that the entire film can be streamed or downloaded from the site http://www.archive.org ? Its a very interesting film, and well worth a look…especially after having read the e-book on the making of the film.

    Best wishes,
    Timeline Films
    Culver City, CA

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