A Conversation with Wallace Fox, Jr.

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Wallace Fox, Jr, the son of Edwin’s brother Wallace. Thanks to Erik for letting us know about Wallace Jr. and his whereabouts.

We spoke over the phone for quite some time and I believe he is the only living person who not only knew Edwin but as a member of the family, he had some wonderful stories to tell about growing up in the early days of Hollywood.

Both Edwin’s brothers, Finis and Wallace, were accomplished members of the Hollywood movie business. After Edwin passed away, Wallace went on to enjoy a long and storied career in the movies as a writer and producer.

Wallace, Jr. told me of the event and time when he went to my mothers wedding, Carol Lee Carewe. This would have been sometime in the early 1950’s.

Wallace, Jr. also told the story of how Edwin was often referred to by the greater family as, “The Duke.” Likely, this was as a result of Edwin’s regal stature and popularity in Hollywood.

All in all, we had a wonderful conversation with plans to continue communications moving forward. However, my conversation with Wallace Jr. brought about some reflection upon the role of this website and blog. While the original vision was and remains a legacy to Edwin and his life, it is also a place for family to gather, talk and share stories etc.

With the addition of the Facebook page, we have already made contact with other distant family members who were previously unknown to this side of the family. We welcome one and all to join us no matter how you are related to Edwin, as family or friend.