The Purcell Register, c1899

From The Purcell Register, Friday, June 9, 1899

Mrs. Sallie J. Fox, wife of F.M. Fox and daughter of J.P. and Elizabeth Priddy, was born August 16, 1855 at Stonewall, Chickasaw Nation.

She was educated at Stark College, Paris, Texas and was married to F.M. Fox at Caddo, Choctaw Nation, January 22nd, 1871. This union was blessed with seven children, four of whom proceeded the mother to the grave, leaving the husband and three children to mourn the loss.

She joined the Methodist Church South in 1873. She moved with the children to Gainesville, Texas in 1883 where she remained five years, moving from there to Purcell, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, where she remained until her death, which occurred Friday evening at 10:00pm, June 2, 1899. Mrs. Fox was buried in the Purcell Hillside Cemetery. Mrs. Fox was one of the chapter members of the Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist Church South, organized ten years ago, and was its first President, which position she held for two years; since then she has been Treasurer of the society. She was also the Treasurer of the Benevolent Society from its organization. And in each of these societies, she was one of the most active members.

She was a very devout and consecrated Christian lady, always in her place at prayer meeting and on the preaching service. She was a teacher in the Sunday school and had done as much as any other member to advance the cause of the church and Sunday school.

She was loved and respected by all who knew her, both in the church and out of it, and we feel that we have lost in the death of Sister Fox, one of our best church members, and the poor have lost one of their best friends, as she was always ready and willing to assist and help the needy.