Ramona at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

If you missed the first screening of “Ramona,” at UCLA, here is another chance to see this remarkable film on the big screen and with the Mont Alto Orchestra.

Mark your calendar for Friday, May 30 at 7:30pm

The location will be at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

Here is a link to their website:

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  1. Hello!
    I am writing from Melbourne, Australia.
    My friends and I form a club devoted to silent cinema. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Edwin’s work and express out gratitude to you for creating this beautiful web-site and promoting your grandfather’s legacy. We loved “Evangeline” and “Are we civilized?”. One can hardly see such clarity, depth of perception and expression in moderm films. My friends and I were taken by Edwin’s vision.

    We tried searching for other Edwin’s work, but there weren’t much available until “Ramona” had reappeared. We cannot wait for it to be released on dvd.

    Until then, would it be possible to, perhaps, release some information regarding Edwin’s personal character. We would love to know what kind of person was someone, who created such beautiful films far ahead of his time. Also, perhaps, you could advise us if there are any remaining films starring Edwin Carewe?

    While silent cinema is fascinating as a medium, Edwin Carewe is by himself is a phenomenon and an inspiration.

    Thank you so much for honouring him!


    Erique L. Coggins

    • Hello Erique,

      Thank you for your message and post to our blog. We are pleased to know there are others around the world who also share our interest in Edwin’s work.

      With regards to other films, we know of a couple of partial films which have been discovered but they are not complete and therefore would be difficult to transfer to any format at this time. However, since many of Edwin’s films were distributed worldwide, we believe there may still be discoveries of lost films if only we knew about some of the locations today.

      As far as information related to Edwin’s character, there is not much information available to us as family when you consider that he passed away at a young age and then even earlier in life, our parents did not know him too well due to his constant traveling and filming on location. There is one relative still living today, Wallace Fox Jr., who is a Nephew to Edwin. We had a pleasant conversation recently about his knowledge and recollection of days past. However, today, he is in advanced age and so there wasn’t too much character information available. You can read our review of the conversation in other blog posts here.

      Thank you for your interest.

      David C.
      Site/Blog Administrator

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