June Mathis – Screenwriter

JuneMathis2GodsHalfAcreTom Slater on said:

Hello Everyone,

I’m working on a manuscript of the life and work of June Mathis, one of the most prominent screenwriters of the silent era. Edwin Carewe was extremely important in her career, giving Mathis her start in 1915. However, information about their collaborations has been very difficult to find. Outside of the film titles and credits, I have practically nothing. Mathis also collaborated with Finis Fox on at least two films. If anyone knows about the existence of any correspondence or other materials relating to the productions of these films, I would be very happy to find out about them. The relevant films are as follows (all titles except The Parisian Tigress were directed by Carewe):

Mathis with Carewe: 1916, The Upstart; Her Great Price; God’s Half Acre; The Dawn of Love; The Sunbeam; 1917, The Barricade; The Trail of the Shadow; The Voice of Conscience (story by Finis Fox); 1918, The Trail to Yesterday; The House of Gold; 1919, The Way of the Strong (story by Mathis and Fox); The Parisian Tigress (dir. Herbert Blache; scenario, Fox; story, Mathis and Albert Capellani.

Only one of these titles, as far as I know, is available for viewing: God’s Half Acre, which I thoroughly enjoyed watching at the Library of Congress.