Spotlight: Mary Akin

Born June 24, 1901 in Evansville, Indiana, Mary was one of three children born to Carrie Hoxsey and Ransom Lee Akin. Her first marriage was to Thomas Armstrong of Chicago. She met Edwin Carewe in 1921 and four years later, they were married for the first of two marital unions, the second of which was in 1929. Mary was married a fourth time to Gerard Colchord of California. Mary and Edwin had three children, Sally Anne, William Edwin and Carol Lee. While little is known about her early years, she was quite young at the time when she met Edwin. Considering that she had been married previously, there was a 20 year difference in age when she met Edwin.
Mary acted in CharleysAunt MaryAkinsome 11 movies roles, several of which were with Edwin and his production company. Beginning in 1924, Mary has an uncredited role in the silent film, “Picking Peaches,” and received her first credited role in the silent film, “My Son.” In 1925, she appeared in the silent film, “Charley’s Aunt,” starring Sydney Chaplin, the half brother of Charlie Chaplin. This movie can be seen on DVD and is available through any silent film archive or through Amazon.

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