Spotlight: Wallace Fox

Wallace Ware Fox – Biography

Younger brother to Edwin by some 12 years, Wallace was an accomplished Hollywood movie Director, Producer and Writer who was able to make a successful transition from the silent era, as an apprentice under his brother Edwin, to the modern film era. Wallace directed some 84 films between the years 1927 – 1953. Married to Cleo Inez Easton, he and Cleo had two children, a daughter named Francis and Wally Jr., who recently turned 90 in late 2015.
Wallace joined the West Texas Military Academy prior to joining the Navy in 1910. He stayed in the military until 1919 and served in World War I or The Great War.

Wallace was well known for his work in both Westerns and Horror genres. He worked with such notable actors including Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, The Bowery Boys and Johnny Mack Brown. Late in his career he also directed several of the Gene Autry shows on television. He preferred to shoot movies over TV due to budgetary restrictions and was well known for bringing projects in under budget.
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