Roscoe Conklin Miller – Chauffeur, Confidante & Friend!

It was recently discovered that Edwin enjoyed a close relationship with a man named Roscoe Miller. From his granddaughter, comes a story and connection not previously known. According to Naomi Miller McCoy, her grandfather Roscoe was Edwin’s chauffeur and site manager for Edwin’s production company, First National Pictures, during the years 1924 to 1934. Naomi also shared that her grandfather had also played small parts is several of Edwin’s films.

Naomi states that “Roscoe was in vaudeville shows in Omaha, Nebraska, and he worked at the Brandeis Theatre. He had parts in what were called “race films” at the time. My understanding is that he moved to Los Angeles to work in the movie industry.”

In these photos you can see Edwin and Roscoe with several others. It appears they are hunting. Sorry to the mule! Naomi believes these photos were taken somewhere in Nebraska which could mean that Roscoe and Edwin met before Roscoe migrated to Los Angeles. In one of the photos, the tall white man holding a gun looks like he could be an actor from Hollywood. I wonder if he could be identified.

Edwin and Roscoe both shared a love for the performing arts and both were of mixed heritage. They obviously shared a close bond and it is possible that the two met while Roscoe was working the stage in Nebraska. We would love to learn more about their relationship and if any new information is discovered, we will be sure to post an update here.

Photos courtesy of Naomi Miller McCoy.